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Monica Whitehouse

Monica Whitehouse

Born and raised on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, happy and proud to say that she's lived in three of our South Shore counties.

She makes her home in Lunenburg County and has had a weekend home in Queen's County for the past eighteen years. 

She, along with her husband Glenn have built and renovated a number of homes and have owned and operated several businesses along the South Shore. 

They enjoy the company of their three children; Jess, Laura, and Logan along with their partners. They especially treasure their three amazing grandsons; Nick, Jack and Max. 

She believes in giving back to her communities and has been a long time volunteer in various organizations around the South Shore. 

She's coached girls basketball, at the Elementary and Junior High School level for many years, served on the Road Safety Committee for South Shore Safe Communities and has been a member of the Ladies Auxilary for the Hebbville Fire Department. 

In recent years, she is an active fundraising member of the Spectacle Light Society and is also an active volunteer at the annual Queen's County Lighthouse Rally. 

In addition to her real estate training and life experiences, her aim as a real estate agent is to listen carefully to her clients, ask relevent questions and help them make informed decisions about their real estate goals.